Serge Luryi's Selected Research Topics

Theory of anisotropic intermolecular interactions and lattice dynamics in solid hydrogen (1977-79).

Space-charge-limited current and barrier injection in semiconductor structures (1981-82) and (1987-89).

Theory of the integer quantum Hall effect (1981-83).

Anomalous photomagnetoresistance in modulation-doped heterostructures (1984).

Studies of MOS transistor structures with polysilicon gates (1982-93).

Invention and experimental demonstration of opto-electronic heterostructure devices based on the real-space transfer of hot electrons (1983-96).

Invention and experimental demonstration of novel infrared photodetectors for fiber-optical communications; Si heteroepitaxy (1984-86).

Studies of resonant tunneling in heterostructures and reduced-dimensionality systems; electronic transmission across an interface of different crystals (1985-91).

Invention and experimental realization of the induced-base and quantum-capacitance transistors (1985-88).

Prediction of the resonant photon drag effect in intersubband absorption by a two-dimensional electron gas (1987-88).

Kinetic studies of non-equilibrium electronic ensembles in semiconductors (1990-92).

Internal photo-polarization effect in asymmetric superlattices (1991).

Boltzmann-equation studies of minority-carrier transport in bipolar transistors; theory of abrupt-junction HBT; invention of the coherent transistor (1992-93).

Invention of the method of dual laser modulation (1992-95).

Theory of the intermodulation distortion in analog communication lasers (1993-95).

Active packaging technology (1994-96).

Contributions to theoretical understanding of quantum cascade lasers (1994-96).

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