2003 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: The Nano, the Giga, the Ultra, and the Bio

June 23-27,  2003 :  Corsica,  France

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 Program and Agenda
Sat June 21
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Sun June 22
Full day organized trip, sea and mountains (Please pre-register) 
Day 1
June 23
8:30  Serge Luryi:  Welcome
Morning Session: Captains of industry speak on their ongoing Odyssey - Cyclops, Calipso, etc
Chairs: Hiroshi Iwai and Simon Sze
9:00 Yoshio Nishi Future Challenges and Needs for Nanoelectronics from Manufacturing Viewpoint
9:45 Mark Pinto Device Technology Rediscovers Market Reality?
10:30 - Break
10:45 Jos Benschop Nanolithography: Can the Industry Afford to Extend Optical Microlithography or Do We Need a Paradigm Shift?
11:30 Henk van Houten The physical layer of ambient intelligence
12:15 Trey Smith Wireless Sensor Networks

Evening Panel, 18:00-20:00
Topic: End of the Odyssey? - Penelope and the Bridegrooms
Moderator: Claude Weisbuch Invited address: Simon Sze, Panelists: Sorin Cristoloveanu, Takeo Hattori,Erich Kasper

Day 2
June 24

Morning Session: Cunning Tricks of the Wicked Mind - "From the Sublime to the Slime"
Chairs: Carl Kutsche, Nadia Lifshitz
8:30 Tetsuhiko Ikegami Divergence in Applications and Convergence in System-on-Chip with Process Integration
9:10 Eli Yablonovitch Solving the Inverse Problem in Photo-Lithography
9:50 Claude Weisbuch Photonic Crystals: Nanophotonics, from Fantasy to Reality
10:30 - Break
10:45 Malcolm Green Materials Inside Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: The World's Smallest Crystals
11:25 Nadrian Seeman Structural DNA Nanotechnology
12:05 Colin Nuckolls Chemical Aspects of Self-Assembly and Application to Molecular Electronics

Poster session, 18:00-20:00 Chair: Francois Arnaud d'Avitaya
Gregory Belenky What Is the Wavelength Limit for Operation of Type-I Electrically Pumped Heterolasers?
Sorin Cristoloveanu Gate Coupling and Double-Gate Operation in Nanometer Thick SOI MOSFETs
Mikhail Dorojevets Designing the First Superconductor RSFQ Chipset for a 32-bit Floating-point Vector Multiply Unit
Newton Frateschi Transmission error floor mechanisms in high-power 10Gb/s electroabsorption modulators
Ulf Gennser Si/SiGe Quantum Cascades - from Electroluminescence to Lasing?
Detlev Grützmacher Free Standing Si/SiGe Nano- and Microtubes
Takeo Hattori Extremely Sensitive Detection of Gate Insulator/Si Interface Structures for Future MOSFETs
Rita Iotti Microscopic Modelling of Optoelectronic Quantum Devices: Role of a Predictive Simulation Strategy
Hiroshi Iwai The Future of CMOS Downscaling
Erich Kasper Resonance Phase Operation of Transistors Beyond the Transit Frequency 
Mikhail Levinshtein 1/f Noise in GaN-Based HFETs: Is It Tunneling?
H. C. Liu Optically Pumped Quantum Well Far-Infrared Laser, Resonant Intersubband Raman Process, and Coupled Electronic-Phonon Modes
James Lott Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures for Lasers and Light Emitters: Microcavities and Nanowires
Marco Mastrapasqua Future and Challenges in Silicon LDMOS for High-Power RF Applications
Junichi Murota Atomically Controlled Epitaxial Growth for Future Si-Based Devices
Alik Palevski Critical Current in Nb-Cu-Ni-Cu-Nb Junctions
Jelena Ristic Self-Organized Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of AlGaN/GaN Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications  BEST POSTER AWARD (ppt)
Fausto Rossi Quantum Computing in Semiconductors: Current Status and Perspectives
Enrico Sangiorgi Fundamental Limits of Electron Transport in Ultrathin SOI MOSFETs
Ron Schrimpf Space-Radiation Effects in Advanced SOI Devices and Alternative Gate Dielectrics
Vitaly Shchukin At the Beginning of the Nano–Composite Era
Michael Shur Ballistic Transport and Shallow Water/Deep Water Effects in HEMTs
Michael Shur Nonlinear Screening of Ferroelectric and Pyroelectric Films and Grains in Semiconductor Matrix
Abdelkader Souifi Single Electron Devices Using Silicon Nanocrystals
Simon Sze Nanoelectronic Technology: In Search of the Ultimate Device Structure
Elias Towe Conduction Band Inter-Sublevel Absorption of Infrared Radiation in (In,Ga)As/GaAs Quantum-Dot Nanostructures
Alex Zaslavsky Tunneling Silicon-on-Insulator Transistors with Quantum Functionality
Peter Zory Intersubband Quantum Box Lasers

Day 3
June 25


Morning Session: The Weird, the Molecular, the Fractional, and the Left-Handed
Chairs: Jimmy Xu, Horst Stormer
8:30 Nikolai Zhitenev Molecular Electronics: Progress and Challenges
9:10 Paul Solomon Electrostatic Considerations for Molecular FETs
9:50 Herb Goronkin Molecular Electronics: A Proposed Roadmap for Commercialization
10:30 - Break
10:45 Boris Shklovskii Medical Applications of Fractionalization of Charge
11:25 Michel Dyakonov Spintronics
12:05 Alexei Efros Left-Handed Materials
Evening Panel, 18:00-20:00
Topic: Hot debates; Moderator: Colin Wood
Panelists: Jérôme Faist, Nikolai Ledentsov, Hiroyuki Sakaki
Historic vote on the relative importance of fashionable directions Tallyman: Horst Stormer
Day 4
June 26

Morning Session: Cutesy Ell and the Tetraherds
Chairs: Serge Luryi, Peter Zory
8:30  Jérôme Faist Quantum Cascade Lasers: What Is Still in Store?
9:10 Claire Gmachl Quantum Cascade Lasers and Applications, Opportunities and Limitations
9:50 Alessandro Tredicucci Quantum cascade laser: the source of choice for THz photonics?
10:30 - Break
10:45 Qing Hu Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Based on Resonant-Phonon-Scattering-Assisted Depopulation
11:25 Edmund Linfield Generation of Coherent Terahertz Radiation at Semiconductor Surfaces, and Applications in Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy
12:05 Michael Shur Solid State UV Light Emitters

Field trip to Bonifacio

Conference Banquet

Day 5
June 27


Morning Session: Teaching old dogs new tricks
Chairs: Yoon-Soo Park, Dan Purdy
8:30  Andrei Aleshin Organic Microelectronics Based on Polymer Nanostructures
9:10 Alan Doolittle Crystalline Functional Oxides Integrated with Wide Bandgap Semiconductors via Epitaxy: Multifunctional Materials
9:50 Amit Lal Radioisotopes in MEMS and Microelectronics
10:30 - Break
10:45 Toshiro Hiramoto Extreme CMOS Devices in Future Using SOI Technology
11:25 Martin Green Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI): A Path for Integration of Silicon Light Emitters into Future Microelectronic Chips?
12:05 Nikolai Ledentsov Semiconductor Lasers Beyond Quantum Dots

Conference Closing, BUT... 
... Lunch and dinner will still be served -- and breakfast the morning after !

See you there!

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