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the 1998 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Off the Beaten Path

May 31 - June 5,  1998:  Ile des Embiez,  France

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    Workshop Expenses:   Registration fee of US$ 900 [$1,000 after May 1st] includes all on-island expenses for the participant, including hotel and meals. Supplement for accompanying spouse and/or children is US$300 for spouse and US$250 per child over age of 4 (if staying in the same room as participant).  Please note that while the Workshop will be happy to welcome spouses, spaces for children are quite limited - those wishing to bring children are advised to reserve early.

    NOTE:   Limited financial support may be available toward the registration and/or travel costs. Such support must be requested by email and agreed upon by the ARW Treasurer. The completed form with a check must then be returned to the Treasurer:

    Prof. Alex Zaslavsky
    Div. of Engineering
    Box D Brown University
    182 Hope St
    Providence, RI 02912
    Tel:   (401) 863-1406
    Fax:   (401) 863-9107
    email:  Alexander_Zaslavsky@brown.edu

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