This Page is addressed to those

we have not yet contacted

We would like to see you at

the 1998 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Off the Beaten Path

May 31 - June 5,  1998:  Ile des Embiez,  France

Please let us know your are interested and follow simple steps below


How to get invited ?

  • Click around this homepage, especially look at the Philosophy and Topics of the ARW and its Format.  We suggest that you consider proposing a poster.  Poster sessions will be devoted to reports on recent results, breakthroughs, etc., that bear on the issues relevant to the Workshop central theme. Particularly welcome are posters that describe physical phenomena that the presenter believes are "ripe for pecking" in the sense that they are either promising for significant practical applications or may plague us as a technological hurdle in the future. Some of these posters may be amplified during the "rump" session, planned for Friday (F-2).  Proceedings of the Workshop will include paper versions of both oral presentations and posters - on equal footing.
  • Send email to the Organizing Committee, where you please
  •   (a)  introduce yourself (one-paragraph bio as in IEEE journals) and indicate your full address, phone/fax numbers and URL of your homepage (if you do not have one it's OK, but an email address is necessary as all our communications go over the internet;
      (b)  express your interest in participation;
      (c)  indicate the title and an abstract of your proposed poster
  • If accepted (you will be notified by the end of March, at the latest),  please fill out the advance registration form which can be either downloaded here or requested by email from the ARW Treasurer, Professor Alex Zaslavsky. Limited financial support may be available toward the registration and/or travel costs. Such support must be requested by email and agreed upon by the Treasurer. The completed form with a check must then be returned to the Treasurer.

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