2006 Advanced Research Workshop
Future Trends in Microelectronics: Up the Nano Creek
June 26-30, 2006:  Crete, Greece

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The format of the Workshop will include prepared invited presentations, ad hoc contributions, and uninhibited exchange of views and rebuttals. Some of the key luminaries of our profession will share their opinions and to lead the discussions on where we are going and/or should be going. Balanced representations of advocacy and opposition will be intentionally sought. Each of the five Workshop days will start with presentations by key speakers and conclude with an evening panel session that begins with two or three lead (and hopefully provocative) position statements, followed by debates among the panelists (all participants are panelists). The debate will be forcefully moderated and irrelevant digressions will be cut off without mercy. Moderators will be also assigned a hopeless task to forge a consensus on critical issues.

The oral presentations, discussions and debates will be complemented by afternoon poster sessions where the latest experimental results, achievements, and supporting data are displayed in the form of posters. Formal presentations, each of 40 minute duration, including a 10-minute question period, comprise the morning session of each day.It is intended and requested that the morning presentations should not focus on the description of recent achievements of the speaker or his/her group - these are to be covered in posters - but concentrate on the future trends in sharp, often provocative, terms. 

The poster sessions will be devoted to reports on recent results, breakthroughs, etc., that bear on the issues relevant to the Workshop central theme. Particularly welcome are posters that describe physical phenomena that the presenter believes are "ripe for pecking" in the sense that they are either promising for significant practical applications or may plague us as a technological hurdle in the future. Some of these posters may be amplified during the planned "rump" session.

The panel discussions will center around the core issue(s) covered by the morning session of the day.

Proceedings of the Workshop will include paper versions of both oral presentations and posters - on equal footing. Elements of panel discussions may be also included. Click here for instructions for the preparation of papers.

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