2003 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: The Nano, the Giga, the Ultra, and the Bio

June 23-27,  2003 :  Corsica,  France

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Report by the scouting expedition

Hotel:  The "U Libecciu" hotel is on the sea in Pianottoli-Caldarello, a village not far from Bonifacio and the Figari airport, in the south of Corsica.  All rooms are air conditioned, most have a nice view, there are several family suites.  The beach (good sand) is on the territory, there  is also a pool, a couple of nice terraces for meals, etc.  Very good food.  Sailboats, pedal boats, bycicles, windsurfers available for free for hotel guests.  Two so-so tennis courts, but we'll live.  Pleasant and eager management, very accommodating.

Click for Hotel's Brochure (in pdf).

Surroundings: very nice scenery, the very pretty and touristic town of Bonifacio is 20 km away.  Generally a superior, unspoiled landscape with mountains in the distance, odd-shaped rocks, very little development of any sort. Our scouts took some pictures.

Getting there: the Figari airport is only 15 km away and the hotel will pick up all guests regardless of arrival time.  Non-stop flights from Nice, Marseille, Lyon, and Paris (Orly  airport, so Charles de Gaulle-Orly transfer is required).  There is a bigger airport at Ajaccio with non-stop service to London and Amsterdam, as well as the above towns, but it is a two-hour drive away.  Our scouts flew in via Nice to Figari, it was not too bad.  There are many overnight ferries to Corsica, we shall post the details (this is not for most of us, however).

Plan: since Corsica is so beautiful (and not so easy to reach) we propose to give attendees a chance to do more sightseeing than usual. As a result, we have reserved hotel rooms for a full week: June 21-28, with arrival and departure on Saturday. On Sunday, June 22 we will organize a full-day trip (sea and mountains). If you are arriving on Saturday, June 21 and are interested in the Sunday excursion, but have not preregistered -- please do so by e-mail to Alexander_Zaslavsky@brown.edu, as we will need an approximate head count. The conference will begin on Monday, June 23 as usual (so Sunday night arrival is also possible). Plan for a half day field trip to Bonifacio on Wednesday, banquet on Thursday.


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