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1998 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Off the Beaten Path

May 31 - June 5,  1998:  Ile des Embiez,  France

Ferry:   Ile des Embiez is reached by ferry from Port du Brusc (10 minute ride, frequent schedule). There is a bus from the Toulon train station (Gare SNCF de Toulon) to Port du Brusc.

Air:  the closest international airports to Ile des Embiez are Marseille and Nice (the Hyeres airport shown on the map is a tiny Toulon airport that does not have international service). There will be a private shuttle bus service from the airport (Marseille) to the island on May 31st. Please see the shuttle schedule.

Train:  there are frequent train connections to Toulon from both Marseille and Nice.

Auto:  see map. Note that while the ferry from Port du Brusc is equipped to take cars over to Ile des Embiez, once there the car must remain in the parking lot, since no automobile traffic is permitted on the island.

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Last minute word from our Treasurer:

Dear Embiez participant,

here is some last-minute information that you might find helpful, especially in regard to contacting the workshop during your travel days.

Our hotel contact numbers are:

Hotel Helios
Ile des Embiez, Le Brusc
83140 Six-Fours-Les-Plages, France
Tel: 04-94-74-93-00
Fax: 04-94-34-12-13

Dedicated workshop contact numbers are:

Fax: +33 (0)4 94 88 44 16
Tel: +33 (0)4 94 88 44 17 (manned most of the time during work hours)

The weather forecast for Saturday, May 30 is a high of 22 C and a low of 12 C in Marseille -- Embiez should be fairly similar.

If you are registering on-site, please bring the appropriate amount in either FF or U$ (cash or traveler checks).

If you are presenting a poster (1x1 meter area), don't forget to bring some overhead transparencies as well in case your poster gets selected for a short (10-15 min) oral presentation in the Friday rump session.

Finally, the shuttle bus service from Marseille to Embiez will run as follows:

Bus #1: leaves the airport at 12:15, stops at the main railway station at 12:45 and continues to Ile des Embiez

Bus #2: leaves the airport at 15:30

Bus #3: leaves the airport at 18:30 At the airport the bus will be waiting at the parking located on the right side of the exit of Terminal 2 (domestic flights). At the main railway station the bus will pick up at the taxi parking located in front of the main entrance.

Please note that only Bus #1 will stop at the railway station!

Looking forward to Embiez,

best regards,

Alex Zaslavsky