Day-to-Day Agenda

of the 1998 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Off the Beaten Path

May 31 - June 5, 1998:  Ile des Embiez,  France

Tentative & Provisional

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Monday, June 1:   Theme setting by captains of industry

Trey Smith: "Ubiquitous Computing" [ abstract ]
Hisatsune Watanabe: "Driving factors and breakthroughs for higher performance semiconductors" [ abstract ]
Herb Goronkin: "Slow demise of conventional integrated circuits (is there life after MOSFETs?)" [ abstract ]

Tuesday, June 2:   Beyond Horizons

Leon Chua: "Brain-Like Computer on a Chip"
Wojciech Zurek: "Quantum Computing"
Albert Libchaber: "DNA Computation & DNA Evolution"
W. Brinkman/Steve Hillenius: "Microelectronics beyond roadmaps"
Kostya Likharev: "Limits of classical devices and prospects for terabit integration"
Paul Solomon: "CMOS beyond CMOS"
Hamid Bolouri
Serge Luryi
Paul Solomon
Eli Yablonovitch

Tuesday Posters:

Wednesday, June 3:   Materials and Storage

"Message is the medium"

Simon Sze: "Nonvolatile memories"
Arto Nurmikko: "Magneto-optical memory"
Eli Yablonovitch: "Terabit communications and information processing"
John Bowers: "Innovative Optoelectronics Devices and Integrated Circuits Utilizing Wafer Bonding"
Erich Kasper: "Can Si heterodevices compete with CMOS for system solutions?"
Manijeh Razeghi: "The final frontier for III-N materials/devices"
Michel Voos
Sorin Cristoloveanu
Michael Shur
Siegfried Selberherr

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Thursday, June 4:    DoD One-Day Symposium

Defense Technology in 21st Century
Symposium Chair: R. J. Trew
Y. Unno/Hiroshi Iwai: "Future of Si LSI: Lithography, Interconnects, etc."
M. Pinto/Don Monroe: "Si Roadmap: Speed Limits, Roadblocks, and On-Ramps"
Jim Merz: "Nanostructure self-assembly as an emerging technology"
R. Van Atta/Herb Bennett: "Coordinated Compound Semiconductor Roadmap"
Zhores Alferov: "Future Trends in Optoelectronics"
Yoon Soo Park/Max Yoder: "Electromagnetic System Advances"
Wallace Anderson
Kostas Glinos
John Santiago
Colin Wood

Thursday Posters:

Friday, June 5:   Physical Phenomena Ripe for Pecking

Nikolai Ledentsov: "Quantum Dot Lasers: Ideology and Future Trends"
Mark Reed: "Molecular Electronics - Future Prospects and Reality"
Louay Eldada: "Polymer Optoelectronics"

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